JTI Network wants to go beyond your need and expectations, we want to provide a complete solution for you In addition to all the services that we work on, we have the option to develop and to manage your project.

You will have a Project Manager full time over your request to guarantee that everything goes well and you have all feedback in real time about the progress.

The Project Manager will understand the activity in depth and they will be able to suggest or anticipate any event. The operational support will be customized for your need (activities, reports, progress checklist / plan follow up).

Types of Case

For a Project Manager

1 It's not just a simple Field Engineer activity.
2 It will take longer than 1 day on site.
3 Multiple locations (more than 2 different sites involved).
4 Correlated activity (more than 2 different complex services).
5 Requests that will need more than 1 Field Engineer.
6 Site Survey requests.
7 Deinstallation requests.
8 If it has a schedule (calendar) to follow.
9 Big Equipment Purchase with multiples delivery locations.
10 big quantities, equipment with high value.