Styropek is the largest producer of expandable polystyrene (EPS) on the American continent. As part of Alpek, the petrochemical division of the Alfa Group, they are committed to ensuring the success of our customers, as well as protecting the environment, producing high-quality EPS.

Styropek has EPS plants in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, with an installed capacity of 230,000 tons/year, in addition to warehouses and administrative offices in the Americas.

The company required a robust hardware solution that encompassed various aspects, such as equipment acquisition, logistics, customs clearance, and professional installation. Additionally, coordinating this extensive project across multiple locations in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and the USA was a logistical feat that demanded meticulous planning and execution.




The solution encompassed the following components:

  • Comprehensive Equipment Procurement: We collaborated closely with Styropek to identify and provide over 50 essential hardware items required for their expansion project. Our expertise in sourcing high-quality equipment ensured optimal performance and longevity.
  • Logistics and Customs Management: Coordinating the logistics and customs clearance for such a large-scale project demanded intricate attention to detail. Our skilled team expertly managed all aspects of the process, ensuring seamless transportation and compliance with customs regulations.
  • SMARTNET Implementation: As part of our commitment to comprehensive solutions, we integrated SMARTNET services on the hardware items.
  • Professional Installation: Our experienced field engineers efficiently installed the hardware at each designated location, ensuring impeccable setup and functionality.



The success of the project was evident through the numerous locations where it was executed:

  1. São Paulo, Brazil
  2. Guaratingueta, Brazil
  3. Puerto Montt, Chile
  4. Santiago, Chile
  5. Concon, Chile
  6. Lagos, Argentina
  7. Vicente Lopez, Argentina
  8. Houston, USA

The delivered hardware items numbered an impressive 50, each contributing significantly to Styropek’s expansion and operational efficiency.

We take pride in supporting companies like Styropek with innovative hardware solutions that drive growth and success. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to surpassing expectations make us a trusted partner in securing your business’s success.