Styropek is the largest producer of expandable polystyrene (EPS) on the American continent. As part of Alpek, the petrochemical division of the Alfa Group, they are committed to ensuring the success of our customers, as well as protecting the environment, producing high-quality EPS.

Styropek has EPS plants in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, with an installed capacity of 230,000 tons/year, in addition to warehouses and administrative offices in the Americas.

Greater sale of equipment executed for a single company, about more than Hardware, 50 items in the total project. HW sale, logistical service, all customs unloading (customs process), SMARTNET placement on the items and later the installation of the HW. The biggest challenge was to do the customs clearance and also separate and prepare the equipment for shipping.

Locations where the project was carried out:

São Paulo, Brazil

Guaratingueta, Brazil

Puerto Montt, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Concon, Chile

Lagos, Argentina

Viente Lopez, Argentina

Houston, USA

Hardwares delivered: 50Locations served: 08 in Americas