Provision of daily support with SLA 8x5XNBD and 24x7x365 for some locations in the USA with the provision of jobs with specific technicians and registered in the client’s system where these Fes alternate to comply with the client’s SLA, tickets are for support in the Desktop and Network and also to cover vacations and day off for current employees of these areas in the company.


Desktop support services (the Services) including the following activities and additional activities reasonably incidental to the Services to be provided:

  1. Maintain standard Client Devices within Service Levels.
  2. Identify and resolve Client Device Problems.
  3. Provide Remote Support Services for Remote User Devices.
  4. Provide third party dispatch for Client Device maintenance and repair service.
  5. Facilitate the procurement of standard hardware. All new hardware will be received and asset tagged in accordance with the Asset Management process. Any necessary Asset Management inventory updates will be completed in compliance with the Asset Management Process.
  6. Maintain non-standard Client Devices and software to the extent ITCS/LBS personnel can do so without degrading performance of other obligations, and exclusive of replacement parts.
  7. Provide additional levels of maintenance of non-standard Client Devices.
  8. Utilize the standard builds of end-user software for installations.
  9. Provide feedback and ideas to EUC for consideration to make changes to a standard build of Client Software.
  10. Perform/fulfill MACS Service Requests, as requested, via a service request (ticket from the ITSM tool) by authorized Sompo Int’l employees.
  11. Provide and Maintain a list of business unit specific applications and software media.
  12. Install and configure business unit specific (if approved /authorized & packaged) applications (non-standard end-user Software).
  13. Prepare the end-user device subject to IMACS for installation (e.g. unpack, configure, establish Ids, etc.)
  14. Coordinate the IMACS among support groups if/when necessary.
  15. Submit request for IMACS for end-user devices.
  16. Review IMACS requests to maintain conformity to then-existing hardware and software standards under the standard device and/or software requested. Redirect any non-conforming requests to SD manager(hardware), or the EUC team(software/app).
  17. Obtain appropriate IMAC approval from authorized management or EUC personnel before proceeding with any non-conforming order.
  18. Schedule hardware installation activity with end-user (requestor).
  19. Conduct necessary pre-installation testing of the end-user device(s).
  20. Schedule and perform IMACS activity with the requester.
  21. Adjust configuration options as required for standard installation.
  22. Decommission device(s)in accordance with IT policy/requirements.
  23. Obtain end user signoff, or verbal acknowledgement, validating the satisfactory fulfilment of a request, prior to resolving/closing the request.
  24. Update the asset inventory system to reflect changes.
  25. Reformat or clean de-installed Client Devices when taken out of service.
  26. Resolve & Close IMACS Service Requests in ITSM tool upon completion.
  27. Schedule rooms (via Request Ticket).
  28. Setup room/equipment for video conference.
  29. Coordinate all sites for video.
  30. Bridge scheduling (multi-point calls) outbound.
  31. Provide video start-ups (dial out/receive calls) to ensure user knows how to work necessary equipment.
  32. Provide in-call support and troubleshooting for all sites as required.
  33. Perform monthly maintenance of Video Conferencing equipment.
  34. Perform hardware/software troubleshooting.
  35. Log Incident, report to and work with vendor for any equipment breakdowns, etc. that have maintenance contract (Kinly, Cisco,etc.).
USA California San Francisco
USA Florida Miami
USA Georgia Alpharetta
USA Kentucky Louisville
USA Massachusetts Boston
USA Missouri Saint Louis
USA New Jersey Florham Park
USA New York Hyde Park
USA New York Purchase
USA New York New York
USA Pennsylvania Conshohocken
USA Texas Dallas
USA Texas Houston
USA Washington Seattle

Works delivered: 49

Locations served: 11 in United States of America