A premium fashion brand recognized the need to enhance the customer experience in their stores through the integration of cutting-edge technology.



To address this challenge, our approach involved sending a skilled JTI Network engineer to each store to conduct a comprehensive survey. This survey involved crucial aspects such as checking the player panel, assessing the audio channel quality, and gathering other relevant details necessary for a successful installation. Furthermore, the engineer captured detailed photographs of the cables, infrastructure, and other essential elements to conduct a thorough diagnosis of the connection and infrastructure at each site.

Our service is designed to obtain all the necessary information from the site and present it in an easily understandable format for all stakeholders involved in the process.

This comprehensive data gathering allowed us to plan and execute the subsequent installation of large screens in the stores in order to create an immersive and interactive shopping environment.



The results of the project were highly satisfying for the client. The implemented technology and the overall visit to their stores significantly improved the customer experience. Customers were able to engage with the brand in a more immersive and interactive manner, creating a positive and memorable shopping experience.



  1. Problem-Solving Skills: Throughout the project, our team showcased strong problem-solving abilities. This enabled us to swiftly identify and overcome various challenges that emerged during the implementation process, ensuring a successful outcome.
  2. Consistency: By maintaining a standardized methodology and quality standards, we were able to execute the project smoothly and meet the client’s expectations at every store.
  3. Flexibility: Our team demonstrated adaptability and flexibility when faced with changes in the project’s scope and schedule. By effectively adjusting our plans and resources, we ensured that the project was completed within the specified timeframe while accommodating any necessary modifications.

By leveraging our problem-solving skills, maintaining consistency, and demonstrating flexibility, we were able to provide the premium fashion brand with an upgraded store environment that enhanced their customers’ experience and positively impacted their business.