A leading tire brand in the USA wanted to upgrade their WiFi connections, install access points’ equipments and improve the infrastructure cabling in all their stores to provide a premium service to both customers and employees.
This project involved visiting a total of 164 locations across the country.



We provided our Field Engineer (Remote hands) services.
The project involved multiple areas within the company and was divided into three phases.

1) Site Survey
As part of the service, a JTI Network engineer visited each store and conducted a comprehensive survey that included collecting crucial information such as the number of phones installed, ceiling height, location of the rack room, existing connections, and other relevant details necessary for a successful installation. Additionally, the engineer captured photos of the cables, infrastructure, and other essential elements to conduct a thorough diagnosis of the connection and infrastructure in each site.

Our service is designed to obtain all necessary information from the site and organize it in a way that can be easily understood by everyone involved in the processes.

2) Cable Installation
Following the site survey, the same engineer revisited each location after a few days, equipped with the necessary tools and materials provided by JTI Network. Using the heat map, the engineer installed the assigned equipment in each location, ensuring that the installation was executed accurately and efficiently.

3) Cut over
The third phase of the project included setting up and configuring all the installed equipment to ensure proper functionality. This process involved arranging conference calls with the relevant parties to initiate the equipment setup, having an onsite engineer make necessary connections and replacements, and granting remote access for remote engineers to complete the configuration.



A total of 164 stores were visited, documented, and connected successfully as part of the project.

– More than 600 tickets were resolved and delivered on time.
– As a result, the client expressed satisfaction with the project’s outcome.