Success Story: A Trusted Partner for Datacenter Arrangements



A US-based company faced the challenge of performing certain arrangements in its datacenter. They required a trusted partner who could handle various tasks for them, including equipment relocation, changes, storage, and installations.



Warehouse + Field Engineer (Remote Hands) Solutions.

The company approached us to handle the pickup of their equipment from the datacenter and transport it to our secure warehouse locations in New York City and Los Angeles. Our top priority was to ensure the safe storage of their equipment. Additionally, we received requests to deinstall other equipment and store it in our warehouse. Later, we were tasked with installing new equipment in the datacenter.



By partnering with JTI Network, the company was able to securely store their hardware and found the perfect solution for their storage, installation, equipment relocation, and other field engineer requirements. They recognized us as a trusted partner capable of delivering comprehensive services.

We are your ideal partner because we offer a complete solution, encompassing warehouse facilities and hardware services. We can assist you in all the necessary activities, allowing you to focus solely on your business without any worries.



  1. Equipment Pickup and Transportation: We have a dedicated team of professionals who ensure the safe and efficient transport of your equipment from your datacenter to our secure warehouse locations.
  2. Secure Equipment Storage: Our warehouses in New York City and Los Angeles provide a secure environment to store your hardware, ensuring its safety and protection.
  3. Equipment Deinstallation: Our experienced technicians are proficient in deinstalling equipment, carefully handling the process to prevent any damage or loss.
  4. Equipment Installation: We have a skilled team of field engineers who specialize in equipment installation, ensuring proper setup and functionality in your datacenter.
  5. Equipment Relocation: Whether you need to relocate equipment within your datacenter or to a new location, we can efficiently manage the process