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Do you need your equipment in your country or other locations around the world at the same speed as you receive an order at home?
The search for a fast, efficient and economical shipping method is always tricky when it comes to remote locations and countries with restricted customs entry, we at JTI work with the entire logistics process in a simple and effective way for our customers.
The equipment can be sent to us or purchased through our hardware sales team, after this phase we will carry out DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) delivery that will facilitate the entire customs process without you having to worry about the difficulties of importing the equipment into the country destination.

The work performed by JTI involves extra care with each item.

Each equipment undergoes a verification and testing process so that it reaches its final destination with your company already aware of every detail, which will facilitate future configurations and reduce local installation time.

The quality of our service is measured by the satisfaction of each customer when receiving their order efficiently, without having to worry about formalities and reducing the time consumed in bureaucratic processes of imports and with the reduced cost to assist the progress of the project as one all.

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