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IT Asset Disposition

Sustainability has been a serious concern for all of us for some time now, and due to the frequent updates of equipment, our business generates a lot of waste. It is crucial to handle this waste properly and responsibly.

ITAD is also important when considering data security. Did you know that 30% of all data breaches come from not properly disposing of assets? (Gartner) For example, data breaches could occur if the data in a hard drive is not properly deleted when disposed of.

Whether it's through the physical destruction of hardware or the utilization of degaussing techniques, we leave no room for data breaches. We understand that the peace of mind and trust of our clients are of utmost importance, and we take every measure to uphold their confidence.

IT assets disposed

JTI Network will care for the de-installation and correct disposal. This process involves:

JTI Network can take care of the de-installation and disposal process, beginning with the scrapping of the hardware, followed by recycling or reselling it with proper certification.