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We can fulfill your global IT supply needs, including purchase, rental and distribution.

The equipment can be sent to us or purchased through our hardware sales team , after this phase we will carry out DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) delivery that will facilitate the entire customs process without you having to worry about the difficulties of importing the equipment into the country destination

The sale of hardware associated with a quality logistics system and financial entity facility reduces your concern in the physical and legal process of sending equipment with greater agility and speed . Discover JTI’s equipment sales service with equipment from the entire portfolio of major brands and partners such as CISCO, DATACOM, EXTREME, JUNIPER, FORTINET, ASTERISK, MICROSOFT, VMWare , BROCADE, ARUBA.

In any Hardware Purchase, we can provide a complete solution from logistic, configuration and Field Engineer services.

Hardware Store

Our Products

  • Routers
  • Switchers
  • Servers
  • Firewall
  • Access Point
  • Wi-fi Controllers
  • Computer Peripherals


Differentiated Services

1. Licenses
2. Manufacturer Smartnet (RMA: 24 x 7 x 4; 8 x 5 x NBD)
3. JTI Care: thinking about our core business and the keyword : Customer Experience + Convenience , we are providing our own RMA service system. Advantages: price, no end of support, and complete solution


JTI Network leverages many years of technical experience, product knowledge, and strict quality control standards to provide premium pre-owned hardware at discounts of up to 95% off MSRP. Our customers also gain access to strategic OEM-certified partnerships and decreased lead times for new equipment from industry-leading OEMs.

Together with our senior engineers and knowledgeable sales staff, our customers are able to identify and implement solutions that match their budget and vision, frequently extending the EoS/EoL asset life cycles to free up capital for new projects. Our support staff are here to work with your team and answer questions about network architecture, configuration, licensing, and product comparisons, including multi-generation product lines and substitutions/alternatives.

Hardware Rental

Looking for rental hardware instead of buying a new one? Rental IT equipment with us today and pay monthly for this hardware service.

JTI Care

  1. Compelling advantages over traditional OEM support contracts
  2. Dramatic OPEX Maintenance Reduction (60%-90%)
  3. JTI Care Client Portal (Asset Management Tool)
  4. 24x7x365 Onsite and Remote Support
  5. Ticket Escalation and Parts Replacement

JTI Care is our third-party maintenance option providing the opportunity to substantially impact OpEx/CapEx infrastructure spending while maintaining the flexibility needed to maximize your budget. Remote and on-site OEM certified technical support (TAC) and advanced hardware replacement options (Parts) are available at a fraction of the cost of OEM support and are customized to match your unique coverage needs. Our customers benefit from a 60-90% reduction in annual maintenance expenditures without sacrificing premium customer support.

JTI Optics

JTI Optics offers an extensive optics product line from legacy to leading-edge connectivity solutions for data center and telecom applications. JTI transceivers offer a cost-effective alternative to OEM with next day availability on most parts. One of the most popular product lines with our service provider and enterprise clients is our OEM-compatible optical transceivers. For every order, we custom select code and test each part to ensure that our optics are 100% compatible. When the requirements are unclear, our team of experts works with you to define the right solution.

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Why Choose Us

“It’s simple. With every order, we aim to deliver what our customers want, when they want it. This formula not only makes them look good to their internal team/management but to THEIR customers.” It’s our customer commitment.