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Technology Combined with good remote service.

More than tools, you need to think about data security for teams and the company !

Nobody was waiting, the pandemic of the new coronavirus has turned the world upside down and forced companies of all sizes and segments to implement work models that are often completely different from those with which they were used to performing. There was a small number of corporations that had agility and vision to, at the beginning of the quarantine period, rethink their productive routines, initiating the emerging “home office”.

In the midst of all this, it is clear that small and medium-sized companies also had to undergo a reorganization of tasks and formats. The technology sector, despite, in many cases, already going against the traditional model, did not come out unscathed from this series of changes, which reached from small companies to multinationals.

But how is it possible to implement so much novelty in a short period of time, without jeopardizing the company’s productivity and guaranteeing the safety of employees? In addition, how to maintain the security and good results of the team that does the support of the IT team? Basically, you need to plan. And think, strategically, about what is important at the moment.


Much more than tools and devices for the efficiency of the team’s daily tasks, such as computers and Internet access, it is necessary to invest in security solutions. Even if it is small, the support team is responsible for promoting the resolution of customer problems and, for that, needs access to data that must remain safe so that they do not end up falling into the “wrong hands” being accessed by cybercriminals.

In recent months, attacks on security systems and databases have increased significantly. In an article I read recently, security expert Juan Manuel Harán talks about the reasons that make health institutions increasingly attractive targets for cybercrime. Therefore, it is important that anyone who acts directly with data security is protected, end to end.


Although the majority of IT professionals argue that the qualification of employees is essential, we know that there are still many professionals who perform their duties without a deep knowledge of the subject. Therefore, updating and constant training of support teams is essential. It is necessary that the professional has specific knowledge to be able to assist the client in the search for the best solution of each problem.

In order to be successful in this regard, it is important to always be aware of new qualification opportunities, courses and events that add knowledge and that can be applied, later, in the team’s daily life.


It seems redundant, but good service requires good communication. This is because the customer, most of the time when he seeks technical support from the company, is not usually very happy. Taking into account the current context that we are living in, the chances of this irritability being even greater are very high.

Therefore, the effort to understand the customer’s problem and serve it efficiently needs to be present in the daily routine of the service professional. Thus, the likelihood of finding the solution that best fits the customer’s needs – and still making him “leave” the service happier than he arrived – increases on a large scale.

In the end, the secret to good service is always the same: the team’s dedication to the company and the understanding of the problem. Thus, even in companies that are still consolidating in the market, it is possible to succeed in the midst of somewhat troubled situations.

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How does technology increase at work?

There is no doubt that progress revolutionizes human life. Whether on a personal level, facilitating communication and interaction between people, or in the corporate environment, significantly increasing work productivity, technology is a reality that needs to be well used.

Technological developments, especially in companies, have made processes much more dynamic and efficient. It is noticeable how much integrating modern tools into the execution of work makes everyday life simpler and more productive, whatever the field of activity.

With that in mind, we have prepared this text that will help you learn about different technologies and better understand how they can make your work more productive and efficient. Keep reading and see the advantages of joining modernity!

Improve team communication and connectivity

The technology, when used properly, favors the improvement of the team’s communication quality, simplifying it and making contact much faster and more efficient.

In this way, technologies such as corporate e-mail and chat applications can make everyday life in the company more interactive and efficient. This is because several issues can be resolved in a simple, fast and documented way.

In addition, applications aimed at the education sector improve collaboration and communication between teachers and students, in addition to allowing more interactive classes, making learning more enjoyable. These tools promote the development of students, allowing access to relevant and informative content, which makes educational technology a reality.

Facilitates time management and productivity at work

One of the enormous difficulties of modern man is to manage his time better, to manage to organize an agenda of commitments and to fully comply with it. But a large part of this difficulty can be solved with the use of the right tools.

Therefore, using programs and applications that have online calendar management, with important appointments alert, is an efficient way to organize the worker’s life, making his / her time better spent, increasing their productivity.

Increases the security of corporate information

The growth of companies naturally leads to the growth of data and documents generated daily. At this point, it is essential to have programs available that can store such information in a safe, organized and easily accessible manner.

Information security is a crucial point in any business, as the loss of important documents can cause problems such as the loss of time in having to do the work again and the breach of confidentiality of certain information, in addition to emotionally affecting the team.

Reduces business costs

It is well known that investing in technology is synonymous with economics. That’s because technological tools can do the work.

It can be seen that companies should seek to invest in technology and evaluate its importance to increase productivity at work. Even in times of recession, the benefits experienced outweigh the investment, enabling the company to grow and solidify itself in the market.

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JTI Network COVID-19 preparedness.

JTI Network continues to closely monitor developments in Coronavirus (COVID-19), the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and field technicians who are of utmost importance to us.

Based on recent developments and following the guidelines established by the World Health Organization, JTI Network recently instituted company policies to protect the well-being of all employees, customers and field technicians and to ensure continuous and uninterrupted services.

We fully understand our responsibility in this mission to avoid COVID-19 for other people and we are doing our part in this process.

These policies include:

• Resources enabled for working at home in impacted regions;

• Filling out a document attesting to the fact that the field technician was not showing any symptoms before starting fieldwork, using this means of containing the virus;

• Strategy to continue providing services and support to our customers safely;

• We provide our employees with information and best practices to prevent the spread of any disease;

We will continue to monitor the status of COVID-19, to ensure that services remain operational at all times!

Our coverage area remains under constant monitoring so that we can help our employees in countries that are facing quarantine and isolation, the countries that are currently in social isolation, working only on essential services are:

1. Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Peru, Colômbia, Paraguai, Uruguai, Costa Rica, Panamá;

2. cidades dos Estados Unidos, como Nova York, Los Angeles e San Francisco;

3. Canada;

In each location, a different quarantine procedure is being adopted, few of these cities are allowing onsite telecommunication services, we are keeping our local teams informed at all times and we will continue with daily status updates at these locations.

This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and the situation is changing daily. We are committed to keeping our business operations active and ensuring that you continue to receive the highest quality service without interruption during this prevention period.

Count on JTI Network to combat COVID-19!